10 months after exposed ,Microsoft Bing search child pornography problem has not been properly resolved

In January, Microsoft’s Bing search for child pornography was found, and the company later said it was working to fix the problem. But the New York Times reported Saturday that the child pornography problem has not been properly addressed for nearly a year. A former Microsoft executive told the Times that the tools currently used by Microsoft do not meet the requirements for detecting the images.

[图]时隔10个月 微软Bing搜索儿童色情问题仍未妥善解决

Microsoft helped create a software program called PhotoDNA a decade ago that “can use computers to identify photos, even modify them, and compare them to a database of known illegal images,” the report said. But Bing search results couldn’t match PhotoDNA.

The New York Times used more than 30 terms to search and then looked at whether Bing’s feedback included child pornography/abuse. Viewed such content is illegal under U.S. law, and PhotoDNA should prevent the images from appearing in search results, and indicate where they came from. These URLs are then sent to the PhotoDNA service, which matches many associated images with known illegal images.

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