Mozilla Firefox will disable FTP support by default in version 77

Mozilla plans to make a series of changes in future versions of Firefox, including disabling FTP support by default. A report by Ghacks shows that the company is now planning to take a bigger step in this area, with the Firefox 77 version due out in June and ftP support turned off by default.

Mozilla Firefox will disable FTP support by default in version 77

However, the browser will still allow users to set parameters to manually enable FTP support, but officials do not recommend continuing to do so. At some point in the future, Mozilla intends to abandon FTP support altogether and no longer allow users to activate it from the settings screen.

Google also decided to forgo FTP support for Chrome for security reasons.

FTP is an unsafe protocol and Blink is considering deleting it. It seems that we are considering first canceling support on the Android version, but maybe we should go further and remove it completely? “It was written in an article published nearly seven months ago. Google explained that FTP support is not supported not only because it is not secure, but also because of low usage.

“The current FTP in Chrome does not support encrypted connections (FTPS) and does not have a proxy. FTP usage in browsers is so low that it is no longer possible to invest in improving existing FTP clients. In addition, more powerful FTP clients are available on all affected platforms. “

Google plans to release 82 in April to completely eliminate FTP support for Google Chrome. Recently, Google announced that it would not release a new major version of Chrome as part of its strategy to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, as any urgent issues that may arise after the release of the new version could lead to developer regrouping.