Samsung Galaxy S20 source code leak: Galaxy Note 20 Exposed

Samsung announced the core source code for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra following the launch of the Galaxy S20 series on March 20. In the source code, XDA found traces of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2. According to XDA, there are five different devices in the Galaxy S20 kernel source code, covering three series: Project XYZ, Project Canvas, and Project Winner2.

The Project XYZ is the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S20 is the X1, the Galaxy S20 plus is Y2, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the Z3.

Samsung Galaxy S20 source code leak: Galaxy Note 20 Exposed

Project Canvas could be the rumored Galaxy Note 20 series, with only the “C2” device in the source code, and XDA speculates that there may be more than two C1 and C0 devices, which means there is more than one in the Galaxy Note 20 series.

Project Winner 2 may be Galaxy Fold 2, on the grounds that the first Galaxy Fold is Project Winner, so The Project Winner 2 has the big probability of being the next galaxy.

The SnapSnapdragon 865, codenamed kona, was also found in the source code, meaning the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20 will adopt the SnapSnapdragon 865 flagship platform.

Details about the Galaxy Note 20 are not immediately known, it may use a hole-in-screen scheme, refresh rate, resolution is expected to be 120Hz, 2K plus, the top version may be equipped with 16GB of memory.

The aircraft is expected to be released in August, and we’ll see.