Microsoft officially upgrades Win10 20H1 system DX12 features: RTX users make big money

For its part, Microsoft announced that the DX12 feature in Windows 10 20H1 will be significantly upgraded, bringing new DXR 1.1 light chase, grid rendering, and sampling feedback, and that the 3D graphics card will be shuffled. In this DX12 feature, DirectX Raytracing Tier 1.1 adds an additional shader Shader to the existing ray tracing pipeline status object, Pipeline Object, which allows developers to call shaders that contain ray-tracing capabilities. This set of shaders can occur at any stage of ray tracing operations, supports indirect execution of ray tracing, and introduces inline ray tracing to manage ray traversal algorithms and shaders.

This is equivalent to a higher order and more efficient play based on DXR 1.0

DirectX Raytracing Tier 1.1 is also supported by a wider range of games, and so far more than 30 upcoming and released games have been announced to be compatible with DXR 1.1 performance, such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX, which has announced full support for new DXR 1.1 special effects.

In addition to the DXR light-tracing technology upgrade, Microsoft will also introduce mesh rendering (mesh shader) in the latest version of the DX12, the next-generation GPU geometry function that replaces the current input assembler, vertex renderer, boat renderer, surface segmentation, domain renderer, geometric renderer, and more.

Microsoft officially upgrades Win10 20H1 system DX12 features: RTX users make big money

Microsoft says the introduction of mesh renderers is primarily an increase in the flexibility and performance of geometric rendering lines, allowing game developers to add geometric detail stoics to render more complex scenes without sacrificing speed.

In addition, Sampler Feedback is a new feature acquired after this DirectX 12 Final update, which is primarily used to record the texture area accessed by the sampling operation and shadow the texture space Texture-Space Shading, Shadows are reused with Shading Reuse, Texture Flow Texture Streaming.

Be aware that sampler feedback can help development teams more effectively avoid redundancy, increase memory-to-material utilization, and reduce unnecessary computations to optimize the game.

Microsoft also said the next-generation game, which uses the DX12 Ston feature, will continue to run on non-DX12 Ultimate hardware, a move that would see it unify its graphics platforms on PC and Xbox Series X. As a result, PCs will benefit from the proliferation of new feature hardware for the DX12 Ultimate.

For both NV and AMD, both represent full support for DirectX 12 Final, such as all new features of DirectX 12 Final in the upcoming AMD RDNA 2 game architecture, and for the average player, The GeForce RTX graphics card in use is a free ticket to experience the next wave of new game screen upgrades without any additional investment in hardware.

The price/performance ratio of the GeForce RTX series graphics cards has been increased again.

Microsoft officially upgrades Win10 20H1 system DX12 features: RTX users make big money