time to put down the phone: woman stays up late to use mobile phone and wake up suddenly blind

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic products, staying up late to catch up, playing games, etc. have become the norm. But then came the vision problem, which is not, a woman in Shenzhen long time playing mobile phone caused eye disease, the left eye nearly blind. It is reported that the woman the day before to stay up late to play mobile phone, play almost a night, the next morning to get up, immediately pickuped up the phone to come to see, about 5 minutes or so, suddenly found the left eye is not clear, almost nothing can be seen.

The woman’s attending doctor said that the patient’s vision was only 0.04 at the time, took a picture of the bottom of the eye and found several large areas of bleeding in front of the retina, especially the front of the macular bleeding is severe, there is a large block. Based on this condition, the doctor diagnosed the patient as pre-retinal bleeding, also known as Valsalva retinopathy. If the disease is not treated, the patient may leave some sequelae later.

Eventually the doctor used a laser to pierce a small hole at the bottom of the bleeding point before the macular, allowing the bleeding to flow out of the hole. After treatment, the woman’s vision has gradually returned to normal vision level.

In recent years, there have been a number of cases of blindness caused by staying up late to watch electronic screens for long periods of time. In October, a man of a senior age in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, nearly lost his sight when he turned off his mobile phone because he was bedtime, causing a “wind in the eye” to nearly go blind, and in 2018 there was a case in which a woman ran through a high-stake during the National Day holiday, chasing a hit TV series with a notebook all night, leaving 1.2 people with almost blindness.

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