Report: Average 2019 Apple user pays 27% year-on-year to $100

Sensor Tower releases 2019 U.S. iPhone users’ consumer data for mobile app market. The average U.S. iPhone user’s pay increase in 2019 was 27 percent to $100 from 2018, the report showed. In terms of mobile gaming payments, the report shows that u.S. iPhone users paid an average of $36 for mobile games in 2017, $44 in 2018 and $53.8 in 2019 (54 percent of total in-app purchase spending), a 22 percent increase for the second consecutive year.

Report: Average 2019 Apple user pays 27% year-on-year to $100

以下是Sensor Tower数据报告全文:

In 2019, U.S. iPhone users reached a new milestone in mobile app spending, averaging $100 per user on in-app purchases and paid apps, up $21 from $79 in 2018. (Note: Sensor Tower’s revenue estimates do not include payments generated through third-party payment channels, such as online car, ordering, online shopping, etc. )

In this report, we will analyze popular app categories in terms of user pay and trends in user-paying behavior in recent years, based on Sensor Tower store intelligence data.

IPhone users pay on average to keep paying for high growth

The average u.S. iPhone user’s pay increase in 2019 is 27 percent higher than in 2018, slightly below the 36 percent growth rate in 2017-2018, as smartphone penetration is growing and the mobile app market is maturing. Still, the 27 percent annual growth rate is higher than the growth rate of u.S. iPhone users, indicating that the U.S. iOS mobile app ecosystem is in a healthy growth phase.

Compared to the average payment of $33 in 2015, the amount of payments paid in 2019 increased by 203 percent, or CAGR at a cagr rate of 31.9 percent.

Report: Average 2019 Apple user pays 27% year-on-year to $100

The average U.S. iPhone user pays $36 for mobile games in 2017, $44 in 2018 and $53.8 in 2019 (54 percent of total in-app purchases), or 22 percent for the second year in a row. That’s just $23 in 2015, and has grown by nearly $31 over the past four years, up 134 percent.

Top mobile app categories

Although mobile games account for the largest share of user consumption, the highest-growth categories are photography and video. In 2019, U.S. iPhone users spent an average of $6.3, or 6.3 percent of per capita payments, in the photo and video categories represented by streaming media such as YouTube and video editing apps such as PicsArt, up 75 percent from $3.60 in 2018.

In the life app, which is represented by Tinder, the average user pays $3.90 in 2018, up 46 percent from $5.70 in 2019. Thanks to the popularity of meditation apps such as Calm, the per capita pay for healthy bodybuilding apps rose 48 percent to $4, ranking seventh.

Report: Average 2019 Apple user pays 27% year-on-year to $100

The cashing out of non-gaming apps depends primarily on paid subscriptions. In a previous report by Sensor Tower, we noted that paid subscriptions are becoming a new revenue growth point for the App Store in the United States. Total u.S. iOS users spend $3.6 billion on Top100 paid subscription apps in 2019

We expect total revenue from the iOS platform to continue to grow in mature markets such as the U.S., as more mobile apps, including games, adopt paid subscriptions as the primary cashing model. As user acquisition costs continue to rise, many U.S. mobile companies have found that paid subscriptions provide them with stable revenue in the long run, compared to in-app buy-outs and buy-outs. Our data support this, with revenue from paid subscription apps growing at a higher rate in terms of average user spending.