Eight little-known facts about kangaroos: Parenting bags open and backward

BEIJING, March 20, Beijing time, according tomedia reports, kangaroo is only live in Australia, the bag animal, this long-legged and stout animal does not seem to be as much-loved as the tree kangaroo, kangaroo, which is related to the human familiarity with them. Here are eight facts about the little-known kangaroo:

Eight little-known facts about kangaroos: Parenting bags open and backward

1, Australia lives with three species of kangaroo: common kangaroo, northern hairy-nosed kangaroo and southern hairy-nosed kangaroo, the wild southern hairy-nosed kangaroo number of thousands, while the northern hairy-nosed kangaroo is endangered.

2, during mating season, female southern hairy-nosed kangaroos bite male buttocks at the most fertile times, a finding researchers say is important for future captive breeding to ensure the species survives.

3. In fact, most Australians don’t see kangaroos in the wild, as they stay in their caves during the day and rarely go out.

4. Although the kangaroo looks fat, short and thick, it is easy to think that they move slowly, but in fact the kangaroo is a “sprint athlete”, running in a short distance can reach 40 kilometers per hour.

5. The faeces of kangaroos are cube-shaped, this strange faeces shape is the result of dry animal feces, in the animal world, kangaroo feces is the driest, which is related to their long-term digestion process, usually they need to digest food 14-18 days. This long process allows kangaroos to absorb the most nutrients from food, and their intestinal walls also play a role, and when feces slowly passes through the intestines, the faeces are unevenly stretched, causing the feces to form a cube shape.

6. The kangaroo’s front teeth keep growing, which is a bit like a guinea pig, while the kangaroo keeps the teeth of a suitable length by chewing grass, bark, and root.

7. The opening of other bagged animals’ nursery bags is forward, while the opening of the bagged bear’s nursery bag is facing back, because the kangaroo is a cave animal, so the back-to-back nursery bag can prevent the soil from falling on the cubs.

8, kangaroos are best at digging holes, their underground caves are often occupied by other animals as a refuge, the recent Australian wildfire disaster, some of the animals that escaped in the kangaroo cave survived, caused concern.

Its cave is narrow, can accommodate only one kangaroo to enter, when The Australian wild dog and other predatory animals attack the kangaroo, they just turn around, use their back as a shield, the bag bear’s buttocks covered with thick, tough skin, and the kangaroo’s tail is small, not easy to catch.