Trump unveils new drug to treat crown, FDA: Not approved, wants clinical testing

“I’m holding a press conference tomorrow to announce important information from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)!” U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on the 18th. The mystery was revealed at the White House press briefing on the 19th. Mr. Trump told the meeting that the FDA had approved a drug for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, “named hydroxychloroquine.” “

Trump unveils new drug to treat crown, FDA: Not approved, wants clinical testing

“It’s a common antimalarial drug and a very strong arthritis drug,” Trump said. They’ve got FDA approval, and we can get many states to try it out as prescription drugs. “

Mr. Trump also said the drug’s early test results were “very encouraging” and could soon be used to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia with prescriptions.

However, the FDA later denied claims that the drug was approved for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia.

FDA director, not yet approved for fight against new coronavirus

“As the president said, it (hydroxychloroquine) has been approved. “But the areas approved are limited to the treatment of malaria and arthritis,” FDA Director Stephen Hahn responded. The president let’s keep a close eye on whether we can expand the use of it for treatment (new coronavirus pneumonia). We want to conduct large-scale and practical clinical testing of this. Hahn also said that his years as a cancer doctor told him, “To give hope, but not to be wrong.” “

Four days before Trump announced that oxychloroquine could be treated for new coronary pneumonia, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced oxychloroquine in his personal tweet and wrote, “Maybe consider using it to treat new coronary pneumonia.” “

Musk’s comments have caused social controversy several times since the outbreak in the United States. At the beginning of the outbreak, Musk thought the public was overreacting, then refused to shut down the Tesla plant and then recommended the use of “hydroxychloroquine”, while New York Mayor Beth Howe tweeted that “New York City is short of ventilators” when he tweeted that he could call him, “If necessary, Tesla can help produce ventilators.” According to U.S. media reports, Bethhow’s office said it has not received a call back from Musk.

As of 8 p.m. on March 19, there were 11,374 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States, 1,923 more than the previous day, 168 deaths and 106 cures.

Hahn: Take care with new drugs

FDA Director-General John Hahn said caution should be exercised about whether oxychloroquine would be included in new drugs to treat the outbreak.

“What I can make sure for you is that we’ll do it as soon as possible, but I don’t want to evaluate the schedule.” Hahn noted that all the recommendations for treatment for new coronary pneumonia that appear on the FDA’s desk will now receive strong attention.

He said that during the initial clinical trial, the drug could be given to patients through the “sympathetic dosing” program. Usually, doctors are required to try a drug with patients, and the FDA consults the doctor about the safety and efficacy of the drug during subsequent treatments.

Hahn noted that another drug, remdesivir, is also currently being approved by the FDA in a “sympathetic way.”

In addition, Hahn said, the FDA is also looking at separating antibodies by extracting the serum of new coronas, and then trying to inject them into another patient to help them activate their immunity.