(Pictured) Chrome 83 Enable new Flag: New “Show URL” option in address bar right-click menu

Chrome 76, released last August, introduced a very controversial change — the default to hide HTTPS and WWWS tags in the browser address bar to enhance “the simplicity, usability and security of the UI interface.” The change makes many people uncomfortable, but in the latest Chrome 83.0.4090.0 update, Google brings in a new Flag, which adds a new “Show UTL” entry in omnibox’s right-click menu to display the full URL when selected.

When you use Chrome to access “https://www.cnbeta.com”, the address bar automatically becomes “cnbeta.com” and you need to click twice on omnibox to see the full URL address. When the new Flag is enabled, the right-click menu on the address bar will have an entry for “Show URL”. Users in Chrome 83 or later go to the chrome/flags page to enable the chrome/flags/#omnibox-context-menu-show-full-urls option.