Research firm Weibo dismisses the rumor: “Xiaomi surpasses Huawei” report unofficially released

On the afternoon of March 20, research firm Strategy Analytics tweeted that “the February mobile list Top 6, which is circulating online,’ is not officially published, and a statement will be issued asking you to stop reprinting. “

Strategy Analytics’ Report by Research Analyst

It is reported that the report was circulated in various media last night, according to the report’s drawing series shows that Samsung ranked first, Apple ranked second, Xiaomi overtook Huawei to third place, Huawei slipped to fourth. As soon as this message came out, it was reproduced by multiple media reports. But Strategy Analytics said in a statement on Weibo this afternoon that the news was not officially released and that the authenticity of its content would have to wait until further information was verified.

The drawings in the online circulation report

Under the impact of the outbreak, the user’s enthusiasm for changing machines has not yet come, resulting in all mobile phone manufacturers are not spared, the collective plunge. According to china’s Xintong Institute data, the overall domestic mobile phone market shipments in February 2020 were 6.384 million units, down 56.0% Year-on-Year, of which 3.96 million 4G mobile phones and 2.38million 5G mobile phones were 4G. By comparison, 5G handsets shipped 5.465 million units, down by half in February.