Great Wall Motor Launches 100kW High Power Fuel Cell Engine: Production by 2020

Of the new energy vehicles, Tesla as the representative of lithium battery electric vehicles are the most popular, but lithium batteries also have many shortcomings, fuel cells and other new technologies still have opportunities. Recently, Great Wall Motor’s Shangran Power launched the third generation of “beyond-300E” 100kW high-power fuel cell engine, 100% domestic system components, the relevant cars in November 2020 official mass production.

Shanghai Power is part of Great Wall Holdings, in August 2018, Great Wall Holdings acquired The Power of Shanghai, and the above-burn power of the existing industrial park on the basis of the first phase of the project, the Great Wall Holdings hydrogen energy industry headquarters in Jiading hydrogen energy port, focusing on building the hydrogen energy industry chain in the key layout of fuel cell systems.

At present, the Great Wall hydrogen energy industry takes the non-potential energy industry as the main body of market operation, and positions the on-fire power as an important strategic support point for the development of domestic commercial vehicle fuel cell systems, in addition, unpotential energy is also stepping up the positive development of passenger vehicle fuel cell systems and key components, including fuel cell reactor, Independent research and development technologies such as membrane electrodes and storage and transportation hydrogen systems will realize productization and market-oriented applications one after another.

According to the official introduction, the release of the “beyond-300E” is a fixed 100kW high-power fuel cell system, based on the upper combustion power beyond the generation (40kW), beyond the second generation of products (55kW) technology base, using a new platform, high integration design, the first full realization of the inner insulation design, Based on FC-power battery energy matching strategy and operation line optimization strategy.

Officially, compared with the current market mainstream products, “beyond -300E” hydrogen consumption is less than 10%, efficiency is higher than 4.5%, cost reduction of about 28%, system component-level localization rate to achieve 100%, with high power, high rated efficiency, low cost and so on, its power density, Environmental adaptability and safety performance levelcant with the international advanced level, with full independent intellectual property rights, with the development capabilities of the whole field.

“Beyond-300E” is suitable for a variety of domestic models, and focuses on the field of medium and heavy vehicles to provide “zero emissions” hydrogen fuel cell solutions, such as: buses, medium and heavy vehicles, etc. , planned to be officially put into production in November 2020.

Great Wall Motor Launches 100kW High Power Fuel Cell Engine: Production by 2020

Great Wall Motor Launches 100kW High Power Fuel Cell Engine: Production by 2020

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