F1 announces eSports virtual grand prix after cancellations and postponements

F1 had to postpone and cancel several games because of the current pandemic of new corona pneumonia, according tomedia. The Dutch and Spanish stations, which were also adjusted for the Australian, Bahrain, Monaco, Vietnam and Shanghai, China, also announced delays, and now the organization has announced that it will host the F1 ESports Virtual Grand Prix series. There will be a large number of Active F1 drivers and other stars.

F1 announces eSports virtual grand prix after cancellations and postponements

It is understood that the virtual event will feature Codemaster’s official F1 2019 PC game, which fans will be able to watch on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or F1.com. The length of the race will be half that of the regular season – the 28th round- and the first match will be played on Sunday.

Julian Tan, head of e-commerce and sports at F1, said: “We are delighted to be able to bring some relief in the form of F1 Sports Virtual GP during this unpredictable period as we want to entertain fans who miss out on regular sporting events. Since all the world’s major sports leagues can’t compete, this is a good time to highlight the benefits of eSports and showcase incredible skills. “

While some F1 drivers are avid game rsaines, many are not. To make up for this skill level difference, the game settings will be configured in a way that encourages competitive and entertaining competitions. This means that all cars will be set to the same performance characteristics, the vehicle will lose less, and anti-lock braking and traction control will be optional features.

As the organisers have shown, the series is all about entertainment and bringing racing to fans in an unprecedented situation.