Apple TV Plus may also reduce streaming video quality in Europe

Apple appears to be reducing the quality of its Apple TV-plus streaming video in Europe at the request of the European Union after similar moves by streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube,media reported. As a result of the emergence of new coronary pneumonia, more and more Europeans are choosing to stay at home, which has led to a sharp rise in the number of people using broadband Internet services.

Apple TV Plus may also reduce streaming video quality in Europe

To ease the pressure on the network, the European Union has asked streaming media to consider temporarily reducing video quality — a command that Netflix and YouTube followed earlier this week.

Now, Apple seems to be planning to do just that. The Cupertino-based tech giant appears to be providing video to users at lower resolution and bit rate, 9to5Mac reported Friday.

Given the high-quality graphics that Apple TV Plus usually provides, this decline is likely to be particularly pronounced.

It is unclear whether streaming service providers will make similar changes in the United States or elsewhere. Broadband usage in the US has risen 41 per cent since March, according to OpenVault, an analytics firm. But most U.S. Internet service providers say they are well prepared for a surge.