Liang Jianzhang: Virus is the common enemy of all mankind, need global cooperation to fight the epidemic

China’s recent focus on epidemic prevention has shifted from domestic prevention and control to preventing the importation of the epidemic abroad. The international situation has also changed from “foreign restrictions Chinese entry” to “China restricts the entry of foreigners and overseas Chinese”. Against this backdrop, news that overseas Chinese or Chinese students return home to escape the outbreak sometimes triggers negative comments such as “a thousand miles of poisoning” online. We believe that overseas Chinese and Chinese students choose to return home at this time, first of all, must comply with the local government’s regulations on the prevention and control of the epidemic.

On the basis of sticking to this bottom line, the Chinese people should not be hostile and ostracized towards them, just as we should not have hated or discriminated against our compatriots in Hubei more than a month ago. At a time when humanity as a whole is facing a great crisis, we need to insist on global cooperation than to blindly exclude it.

Liang Jianzhang: Virus is the common enemy of all mankind, need global cooperation to fight the epidemic

In fact, since the outbreak began, there have been conspiracy theories or xenophobic statements both at home and internationally. In the early days of the domestic outbreak, for example, some people were keen to spread the argument that the new coronavirus was a genetic weapon against Chinese or East Asians. Since the cases were mainly concentrated in China (especially Wuhan, Hubei Province), and very few other countries were infected with the virus, so this “conspiracy theory” was quite marketable for a while, and many people forwarded it as the truth. More than a month later, however, as the epidemic spreads in Europe and the United States, this “conspiracy theory” should go away.

Of course, it’s not just a handful of Chinese netizens who spread conspiracy theories and xenophobia. U.S. President Donald Trump recently called the new virus a “Chinese virus” on Twitter, and the World Health Organization said: The virus knows no borders, does not distinguish between color and wealth. It’s like the 2009 H1N1 pandemic began in North America, but people don’t call it North American flu.

Thus, we need to be alert, both domestically and internationally, to this xenophobic tendency to blame foreigners for all problems. Viruses have no borders, no race or ideology. The most effective way to fight against viruses is to work together across countries.

In this struggle, China has maintained communication and coordination with WHO and the international community, actively shared and exchanged experiences with countries in the fight against the epidemic, sent teams of medical experts to countries in need, provided relief assistance to the international community, and carried out scientific and technological cooperation with all parties. The following work, which has been implemented and will be implemented, represents China’s determination and attitude to take the lead in global cooperation on epidemic prevention and will play a vital role in the global epidemic prevention and control process.

Global sharing of information and treatment experiences

In the early days of the new corona epidemic, Hubei Province and Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission in the outbreak prevention and control there are many mistakes, but then after the timely intervention of the central government, China immediately informed the international community, including WHO, relevant national and regional organizations, the outbreak information, after the identification of pathogens as a new type of coronavirus, The first time to share the virus whole gene sequence, primer and probe, with more than 100 countries, more than 10 international and regional organizations to share the outbreak prevention and control program and other technical documents, with WHO, ASEAN, the European Union and other international and regional organizations, as well as Japan, South Korea, Russia, Germany, France, The United States and other relevant countries through expert seminars and teleconferences and other ways to carry out more than 20 technical exchanges, timely sharing China’s laboratory testing, epidemiological investigation, clinical diagnosis and treatment of prevention and control experience and programs.

On January 29th the New England Journal of Medicine, an internationally renowned medical journal, published a paper on the outbreak in Wuhan, not only finding that the new coronavirus may have been transmitted by people since mid-December last year, but also revealing that as early as January 11th, the number of cases in Wuhan had reached more than 200. The paper, written by researchers from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hubei CDC, the University of Hong Kong and other institutions, “reversed” or “retrospective” the development of the pre-epidemic based on subsequent confirmed case data. At one point, there were questions about the paper, suspecting that the author had withheld the information in the early stages of the outbreak in order to steal the paper, leading to public misjudgment. In fact, this doubt is completely reversed in black and white. For outbreak prevention and control, it is clear that enhanced sharing of information is particularly significant internationally. The international paper, published in late January, was based on data that had been reported and shared at the time, and there was no causal relationship with the country’s lack of attention in December.

In fact, the timely publication of these papers is conducive to attracting the attention of the international community and the formulation of corresponding measures. In recent times, as China has achieved great success in the prevention and control of the epidemic, it has immediately shared its experience in the fight against the epidemic without reservation, trying to help other countries not have to “start from scratch”. For example, the World Health Organization, shortly after declaring the new coronary pneumonia a “pandemic” feature, held a briefing on “China Experience” in Beijing on March 12th for some 60 countries and world organizations.

Joint research and development of vaccines and special effects drugs

From the perspective of the whole human society, if we can develop a special drug and vaccine for the treatment of the disease, it is expected to cure the new coronary outbreak completely. In this regard, a number of new developments have recently been made worldwide:

In the special effects drug, the more prominent is the United States Gilead Technology developed by Redsiewe, the use of Redsiewe drugs in Japan to treat 14 patients with new coronary pneumonia patients in the United States have preliminary results, most of the patients have recovered. Although the validation of validity will ultimately wait for the results of randomized double-blind controlled clinical trials, gilead has applied for patents in China due to the urgent need to treat patients, and is expected to produce in time to support China and other countries.

In vaccine research and development, on March 16th a recombinant new corona vaccine, developed by a team led by Chen Wei, a researcher at the Institute of Military Medicine, was approved for clinical trials, the first new coronavaccine in China to enter clinical trials. The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced on the same day that a new coronavirus vaccine developed in the U.S. began its first phase of clinical trials on the same day, and the first volunteer in the group has received an experimental vaccine. In addition to China and the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Israel and other countries are in the process of developing vaccines, a competition for vaccine research and development with the virus, is being launched around the world.

It can be said that a safe and effective vaccine is the most urgent task to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus. In the development of vaccines and special drugs, can not be separated from the joint efforts of global researchers. Building on global cooperation, we will have greater confidence in recent improvements to our healthcare programs and the introduction of effective vaccines.

Material and personnel support

In the early days of China’s outbreak, the domestic masks are extremely scarce, the vast number of overseas Chinese have bought masks in the local sent back to China, Japan, South Korea and other countries, the government has also sent to China masks, protective clothing and other medical supplies. Among them, Japan donated masks and protective supplies to China on the cardboard box, written “mountains and rivers exotic, the same day the wind moon”, “do not have clothes, with the same clothes”, “Aoyama together with the clouds and rain, the moon was the two townships” and other Chinese characters, at that time has made countless people sigh.

However, in March, in China’s many provinces to achieve the outbreak of 0 new, the number of foreign confirmed rapidly exceeded the domestic, “mask shortage” of countries began to increase. In this new case, Instead, China began donating masks to foreign countries. For example, on March 18, Ctrip Group announced that it had recently purchased 1 million standard medical masks and donated them to 10 countries, including Japan, South Korea and Italy, to help the local epidemic. For example, the Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation will donate masks, protective clothing, protective masks and testkits to 54 countries in Africa. The significance of these donations lies not only in the value of the material itself, but also in the friendly attitude of Chinese enterprises and the chinese society as a whole to help other countries tide over the difficulties.

At the government level, China has recently sent medical experts to countries with severe outbreaks to assist in prevention and control efforts. On March 12, a team of nine people from the Anti-Epidemic Medical Expert Group, jointly formed by the National Health and Reform Commission and the Red Cross Society of China, arrived in Rome with 31 tons of medical supplies to help Italy fight the outbreak of new coronapneumonia. This is the third team of experts sent by China after supporting Iran and Iraq. On the basis of the “Belt and Road” and various long-term aid projects successfully demonstrating China’s strength, these snow-dwelling aid now allow the people of the world to feel first-hand China’s responsibility and responsibility as a big country.

Accurate screening and isolation of high-risk immigrants

In the early stages of the new crown outbreak, several countries or regions have introduced immigration restrictions for Chinese. Now with China’s epidemic improving and other countries worsening, immigration quarantine policies have been introduced across China to prevent imported cases from abroad. For example, Beijing announced that from March 16, all overseas personnel entering Beijing should be transferred to a centralized observation point for 14 days of isolation observation, the isolation of personnel costs need to be self-care. Shanghai, on the other hand, announced that all Chinese and foreign personnel, who have a history of living in key countries or regions within 14 days of entering Shanghai, will be quarantined for 14 days. The scope of this “key country or region” will be adjusted continuously according to the latest international situation.

As can be seen, the measures currently taken in Shanghai are more precise and humane. In fact, in the protection of foreign import risk, the same need for global cooperation rather than separate war. If you are concerned about the existence of incoming personnel underreporting, false reporting and other acts, can fully cooperate with international telecommunications companies to query their travel trajectory, and strive to upgrade the “health code” from the Chinese version to the international version. For those areas where the outbreak is better controlled (e.g. Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the restrictions on entry to these areas can be considered. This would not only reduce barriers to external communication, but also strengthen the government’s relatively limited resources and strengthen the isolation of immigrants from other high-risk areas.


In the face of a global outbreak, previously open communication may encounter a variety of resistance. The devastating effects of such a total blocking on the world as a whole are not necessarily less devastating than the outbreak itself, but must also be of heightened vigilance. Therefore, in the case of people exchange has been blocked, we need to try to keep other ways of communication. In terms of material exchange, it is necessary to further break down trade barriers and urge the U.S. government to abandon cold-war thinking and try to block China’s wrong practices. In the exchange of information, in seizing the opportunity to “pin” and other domestic APP to the world at the same time, can also properly open up non-sensitive information of international online exchanges, so that researchers have more open access to global information, and global peer cooperation. In addition, international students need online classes when they return home, which requires students to be allowed to visit the official websites of overseas schools, as well as on other foreign video sites.

In the course of various exchanges, it is also a historic opportunity for China to fully display the style of great power. When we were hit by a serious outbreak, many countries extended a helping hand to our country. Now China’s outbreak is first under control, just the ability and the bottom gas to help other countries with serious outbreaks, to overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese and other nationals to lend a helping hand. This kind of relief in distress, beyond nationality, race and ideology, can reflect the universal values of all mankind.

Viruses are the common enemy of all mankind. This outbreak will allow more people to deeply understand the meaning of the “community of destiny”. We look forward to closer global cooperation in the future to address the problems of all mankind, I believe this will make the day of victory come earlier!