IBM adjusts global programming challenge to focus on COVID-19 outbreak

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 outbreaks triggered by the new coronavirus, technology companies have launched crisis response plans. In addition to encouraging employees to work from home, some giants are hoping to find solutions to problems. IBM, for example, has just announced the Code Global Challenge. In addition, Amazon’s cloud computing division announced the AWS Diagnosticdevelopment Program and set aside $20 million in points to encourage and support the technical team to build better diagnostic tools.

IBM adjusts global programming challenge to focus on COVID-19 outbreak

(Screenshot via AWS)

“One of the issues we urgently need to address is the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the development of coVID-19 tools,” Amazon’s Teresa Carlson wrote in a blog post. Better diagnosis is beneficial to epidemic prevention and treatment to shorten the epidemic.”

Amazon wants AWS-supported customer diagnostic tool projects to be brought to market faster and encourages teams to work together. In addition, the company announced the formation of an advisory group of scientists and health policy experts to assist enterprises involved in the project.

For its part, the Blue Giant is focusing its 2020 Global Code Collection Challenge on outbreak prevention and control beyond global climate change. For example, through the construction of open source tools to deal with the increasingly severe situation of the new coronavirus outbreak.

IBM adjusts global programming challenge to focus on COVID-19 outbreak

(Screenshot via IBM)

IBM says the outbreak has exposed system limitations that we assumed in a short period of time. To that end, the company called for the development of three broad types of open source technology solutions, namely, crisis communication in emergency situations, improved ways of learning remotelearning, and how to inspire community collaboration.

Now, with the global pandemic of the new coronavirus outbreak, people in many areas are forced to work in isolation from home. IBM wants developers to focus on this current priority and help address some of these issues.

At extreme times when the economy and society are all facing turmoil, it is clear that businesses, academia and governments need to work more closely together than usual. The IBM and Amazon initiatives are a few examples.