Tencent launches Tencent Conference International version of VooV Meeting to compete with Microsoft and other companies

The current outbreak of pneumonia is currently a global boom in telecommuting, and telecommuting naturally can not help remote conferencing and communications collaboration software. Domestic teleconferencing software such as Nails, Corporate WeChat and Tencent conferences have taken the top spot, while foreign users are mainly Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams.

Earlier, Ali’s nails were recommended by the United Nations for telecommuting and distance education, and rival Tencent naturally did not want to fall behind Ali.

So Tencent Conference launched an emergency international version and launched in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, Tencent Conference has tens of millions of active users in China.

Tencent launches Tencent Conference International version of VooV Meeting to compete with Microsoft and other companies

Tencent Launches Tencent Conference International Edition:

Tencent Conference International is named VooV Meeting, and for overseas users who search the App Store can find the name to download Tencent Meeting.

The same Tencent Conference International as the domestic version also offers up to 300 people online meetings, providing a safe and fluid experience for all users through service-side optimization.

Tencent said it will continue to optimize Tencent’s conferencing system to make it easier for all users around the world to launch cloud-based HD conferencing services.

On the competitor side, Tencent Conference International is currently competing primarily with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, both of which are internationally popular teleconferencing tools.

Tencent Conference International mainly offers the following features:

1. Let users can easily initiate remote meetings, participate in remote meetings or schedule remote meetings, while supporting the use of Tencent documents for remote meeting collaboration, etc.

2. Users can easily share their screens with Tencent meetings to all participants, which can be used to present slides or share portions of the screen with attendees.

3. Provide sptoname or meeting administrator with rich controls, such as turning on a specific user’s microphone, disabling the microphone, or setting other specific permissions.

4. Of course, to meet the needs of users Tencent meetings support high-definition video transmission, but also built-in automatic beautification system and a variety of filters to enhance the image of participants.

5. Tencent Conference International edition built-in a variety of optimization programs intelligently eliminate the environment of noise and keyboard tapping sound to prevent interference with users, while perfectly restoring vocals.

6. Finally, Tencent Conference International relies on Tencent Cloud Services to provide high availability, amazing audio and video quality, and leading security protection.