Microsoft CEO’s Multiple Roles in the War: Taking Care of The Quadriplegic, Cerebral Son

The situation in Europe and the United States is not encouraging, with Microsoft CEO Satyanadra admitting he feels a little anxious. Aside from employees’ concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus, his own son’s condition seems more dangerous. Less well known is that Nadella’s 23-year-old son Zain is a blind man with cerebral palsy, which makes his immune system very fragile.

With 24-hour care in need of care, Nadella and his wife, Anu, arranged for their son to be in Medina’s apartment. For Nadella, the first thing he needs to do is to protect his son and other immediate family members from infection.

Microsoft CEO's Multiple Roles in the War: Taking Care of The Quadriplegic, Cerebral Son

Nadella said the family had developed a quarantine protocol to regulate the behaviour of those around them. Nadella also admits that there are other pressures from families, such as his father-in-law still far away in India.

Although he doesn’t know when his community will return to normal, Nadella, who heads technology giant Microsoft, says they are doing their best to deliver real-time information about the outbreak through LinkedIn and Bing, helping Google, FB and others to clarify rumors and provide support for telemedicine, video conferencing, and more.

Nadella says he sees the virus without borders, and treatments become borderless. “Without a pre-written script, we should express sympathy and understanding of the situation and experiences of others,” he said. “