Netizens redesign Windows 10 Ctrl-Alt-Del interface

Ctrl-Alt-Del this set of shortcuts believe that everyone is no stranger, it is the Windows system or some programs, processes after the loss of response to the use of life, of course, can also quickly lock the system, shut down, restart, log off, switch users, or call out the task manager.

Netizens redesign Windows 10 Ctrl-Alt-Del interface

But over the years, Windows in this interface design seems very uneasy, always simple and simple too much, there are netizens can not see down, their own redesign of a new interface:

Netizens redesign Windows 10 Ctrl-Alt-Del interface

From the interface, the design of netizens is very good, eye-opening more, but also in line with Microsoft is in Windows 10 to promote the fluent Design design style, but also carefully noted the locking system, outbound task manager shortcuts.

But obviously, the operating system’s functionality is not only good-looking, but also practical.

When we need to press the Ctrl-Alt-Del shortcut, it must be that the system or program is in an emergency, unresponsive, and the system resources are being severely consumed.

At this time, what we really want is to quickly call out the relevant functions, complete the operation, who will not consider whether the UI is gorgeous, and good-looking UI interface, but also take up more resources, but will drag down the operation.

So it’s a good design, but it’s not a good idea.

By the way, Ctrl-Shift-Esc can call out the task manager directly.