Apple resumes iPhone 9 series production: 9 Plus unveiled as soon as end of April

According to the latestmedia reports, Apple has resumed production of the iPhone 9 series, is expected to be released as soon as the end of next month, the reason for the delay is so long (originally scheduled to be released in March), mainly because the outbreak seriously affected its progress, before the impact on production, is now affecting the supply of some core components.

Although factories such as Foxconn in China are restoring capacity, the report said, the outbreak is now affecting upstream supply chains, some core parts have begun to be in relative shortage, if the outbreak continues to affect, then Apple will have to stop the new machine.

In fact, before this, Apple has low-key iPhone purchase, that is, only two per person to buy, as to when to lift the ban, it is not clear, but this move is enough to show that the current iPhone production is caused by the outbreak of a mess, as are other manufacturers.

Apple’s upcoming low-cost new iPhone includes two models, the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus, and for both models, the iOS 14 source code is already visible, so it’s up to Apple to launch.

In the latest revelations, it was noted that the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus devices will have the A13 processor and replace the current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Elsewhere, both the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus will have LCD screens that retain the Touch ID. In terms of screen size, the iPhone 9 will be 4.7 inches, and the iPhone 9 Plus will be 5.5 inches, both of which will be almost identical in shape to the current iPhone 8 series.

For the sales of both, the outside world is generally optimistic, although the shape is not upgraded, but the configuration is still improved a lot, it is said that both will also carry 3GB of memory, and the price is 2800 yuan to start, this is undoubtedly Apple for those who want to replace the new machine, but do not want to spend high price of the old user preparation, after all, from the overall cost-effective, iPhone The 9 series is still possible.

As for the price you care about, the iPhone 9 may start less than 3000, while the iPhone 9 Plus starts at around 3,300 yuan (the bank expects it to start at 3,299 yuan).

Apple resumes iPhone 9 series production: 9 Plus unveiled as soon as end of April