Mac running Win10 system screen twist? That’s an AMD-driven problem.

Apple yesterday released a new support document detailing a possible distortion on the right side of the Mac’s screen while running Windows 10. While it’s not reasonable to run Windows on a Mac, there’s a need for it. Some Mac series Computers with AMD Radeon graphics cards may experience flashing/screen distortion on the right side of the screen when running Windows 10 systems and are distorted while running Windows 10. If it is on an external monitor, this condition may affect the entire screen.

Mac running Win10 system screen twist? That's an AMD-driven problem.

It’s just a driving problem.

另外,Windows 10的安装程序可能会提醒,Mac没有准备好这个版本的Windows 10的支持,因为它只有比较旧的AMD图形驱动。

To address this issue, Apple encourages users to install updated AMD graphics drivers for Windows.

Without the appropriate graphics support, Apple offers a solution: when using external displays, lower resolution. Apple points out that this (temporarily) scheme supports most external displays, but does not work for the Apple Pro Display XDR and LG’s 4K/5K displays.