Firefox will require a Windows password to interact with password management

Mozilla plans to improve password management systems on Windows Firefox to improve data security. Firefox’s password management feature is used to save a user’s account and password, which can be imported from other browsers on the same device or synced from Firefox browsers on different devices.

In the new version that has changed, Firefox Password Manager will require the user to enter a Windows account password to perform further actions, such as viewing passwords or deleting password records. However, this is only necessary if the user does not set the master password in the browser.

Users can also choose to set the Firefox master password, which allows them to perform password management operations. Starting with Firefox 76, Firefox will protect account passwords without a master password by interacting with the Windows account.

Browsers such as Chrome have been using similar systems. Unlike Firefox, Chrome does nuns don’t support setting a master password.

Firefox will require a Windows password to interact with password management

This feature is currently available in the Firefox 76 Nightly version. Firefox pops up a dialog box asking for a Windows password or PIN, and requests such as displaying a password, copying a password, or editing it are prompted.

According to ghacks, every operation at this stage results in a Windows password requirement. It’s unclear whether Firefox will make subsequent improvements, requesting a password only once per session, or requesting a password only once within a certain time limit, eliminating the hassle of users entering their passwords back and forth.