Apple reminds users of free books and audiobooks in its Books app

Apple promotes its Apple Books as a source of entertainment for users who self-isolated during the new crown outbreak, and issues a notice in its Books app to remind users of a collection of free books and audiobooks available inside the app, according tomedia outlet AppleInsder.

Apple reminds users of free books and audiobooks in its Books app

The notification, titled “Enjoy a good book, on us,” invites users to browse free content in the Books app on their iPhone or iPad. Apple also noted that the app also includes “books for children to read, as well as audiobooks for the whole family.” Apple Books has a dedicated section offering special offers and free books, as well as “hot free lists” of books that are available to users free of charge on the service. Depending on the market, Apple also offers classics including works by Lewis Carroll, Jane Austen and Shakespeare.

Free content also applies to audiobooks, which in the Us include Winnie the Pooh, Lock and Key and Rise of the Dragon.

Although these parts have been around for a long time, the roll-out is timely in view of the global pandemic of the new coronavirus. Throughout February and March, governments around the world have been instructing people to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease, a trend that has led to hopes for more sources of entertainment via the Internet. To meet demand, application developers and other content makers have stepped up their efforts to provide free games and content for home-segregated viewers.

Increased household work and content consumption have also led to increased tablet sales in China, a trend that is likely to be seen in other countries as the new crown continues to spread.