PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

/ In the field of game consoles, the annual GDC conference is the time for the host factory to “show muscle”, especially between the six-yearly replacement cycle. But with the postponement of the GDC conference and the cancellation of the E3 2020 show, the next-generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony attracted widespread attention from the global gaming industry in the form of online releases.

However, the launch of both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 showcases a wealth of technical parameters and professional terminology that, while can be seen, is not technical and the average player feels like a cloud.

PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

Simply put, the next-generation consoles of both companies look like air purifiers, one like scales, and from hardware parameters, both consoles are really from hardware to the next generation, and even after Sony released the PS5 details on March 19th, The official Xbox Twitter commented “Welcome to the Next Generation” under the news.

However, for the average player, what are the specific help of the two consoles in terms of game performance? Which one will win in the new host war? See the details of GameLook:

Who’s better with hardware? The PS5, which is 100 times faster, is catching up with the Series X.

After months of promotional videos, blogs and even occasional leaks, Microsoft finally confirmed on March 16th the specific parameters of the next-generation console Xbox Series X, and even invitedmedia to try, experience and unbox; From themedia reports, both companies have given tens of thousands of words of detailed parameters and technical introductions, but we may as well look at the two hosts of the most critical technical comparison:

PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

In other words, the Sony PS5’s parameters are “100 times better” than the previous PS4 performance, but they still don’t account for anything cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. From the main components, the two major host companies have entered the Zen 2 processor era, the octa-core 16 thread configuration can meet the vast majority of the demand, both use RDNA2 graphics processor, and the computation power is more than 10TFLOPs (trillions of floating-point operations per second).

From the specific parameters given by the two companies, Sony system architect Mark Cerny is more about the new console compared to the PS4’s lift and light pursuit, hardware features and better audio performance, but it is difficult for players to see at a glance the specific help for the game. Since most of the hardware configurations of the two companies are on par, perhaps we can look at the parameters described earlier by Xbox Series X:

PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

Simply put, the new consoles implement 8 core 16 threading through two quad-core units on the silicon, Goosen explains, and one of the cores of Series X (2 threads) is reserved for running the operating system and front end, with a fourfold increase in single-core and overall speed compared to the Xbox One. The CPU runs at a peak frequency of 3.8GHz after overclocking is turned off, and in practice, the Xbox Series X reduces the peak frequency of the CPU to less than 3.6GHz.

Andrew Goossen says the reason for this is that most games don’t actually use that much processing power: “From a game developer’s point of view, we expect a lot of people to actually use 8 cores, and by talking to a large number of developers, most of them prefer to turn off overclocking and higher frequencies. “。

However, as a game console, people are more concerned about graphics processing power. On the GPU, Microsoft has provided 12 trillion floating-point operations through 3,328 shaders assigned to 52 compute units (CUs) (four of the 56 units on the wafer are disabled) and operates at 1825MHz stable fixed frequency.

Andrew Goosen explains, “12 trillion floating-point operations were our initial goal, and we wanted to at least double the performance of the Xbox One X to support 4K60 and 120 frame displays, and we wanted to double the performance boost for all games.”

Unlike the PS5 launch, Microsoft has also featured down-compatibility, with games on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms running on the Series X platform. And the company says that even if the portable version doesn’t use new features, it can deliver impressive results, with Mike Rayner and Colin Penty of The Coalition showing the Series X version of War Machine 5, and the team completing the transplant in just two weeks. The running frame rate was perfectly upgraded from the Xbox One X version of 30fps to 60fps.

Mike Rayner, Technical Director of Coalition, said, “Two weeks of work has improved so much that I’m optimistic about the new hardware, especially given that there’s so much untapped performance, War Machine 5 is going to improve, and what you’re seeing today will stay, in Xbox Series. The X is aimed at the player when it is released, and the game also supports Smart Delivery, so if you buy a game, you can experience it on the Series X console for free.”

PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

Customized 320bit storage interface (unreadable)

In addition to light-tracing technology, another topic of discussion in the industry is machine learning, but since most machine learning doesn’t require that high floating-point computing power, Series X’s performance is actually overdone, but Andrew Goosen says the Xbox team has tweaked this:

“We know that many inference algorithms only require 8-bit and 4-bit integer positions as weights, and the mathematical operations involving these weights make up most of the performance consumption of these algorithms, so we added special hardware support for this particular scenario.” As a result, Series X provides 49 TTs for 8-bit integer operations and 97 TTs for 4-bit integer operations. Note that weights are integers, so they are TOP snares instead of TFLOPs. The end result is that Series X provides unparalleled intelligence for machine learning.”

Many other forward-looking features have been added to the new hardware, and like Nvidia’s existing Truing architecture, the grid shader is added to RDNA 2 to provide a significant boost to geometry detail, Goosen revealed. Geometric processing is increasingly constrained by GPU fixed function triangle interpolated vertex properties and mosaic blocks, and mesh shading allows developers to completely skip the bottleneck limits of these fixed functions by providing alternatives to existing GPU workflows. In addition to improving performance, grid shading gives developers more flexibility and memory space, allowing them to add detail to shape and object animations and render more complex scenes without sacrificing frame rates.”

PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

My World DXR Effect Comparison

Series X has many more powerful features, such as its GPU rendering between shaders without CPU involvement, saving a lot of performance for the Zen 2 core, and simply leaving data in the GPU, greatly improving game performance and operational stability.

“Without hardware acceleration, this could be done in shaders, but it would consume more than 13 trillion floating-point operations,” says Andrew Goosen. In Series X, this work is assigned to specialized hardware, and shaders can run at full performance at the same time. In other words, Series X can deliver performance of more than 25 trillion floating-point operations while implementing light-tracing technology.”

PS5 Blood War XBOX-X: 100 times faster PS5 actually catchup with Microsoft?

Series X Native 4K Rendering (left) contrasts with Xbox One S 1080p

The last thing worth mentioning is that fast storage, customized NVMe drivers are very different from any form of SSD. Many PCs’ SSDs affect performance after heat, just as CPUs and GPUs do, nVMe drivers add high-speed hardware decompression blocks to cushion CPU effort, plus (Series X) DiretStorage. Microsoft’s demo game switch takes just 6.5 seconds, though the company didn’t disclose the actual Size of the Quick Resume’s SSD cache.

Behind configuration convergence, game content is the key to the final

Although technical control can spend a lot of time arguing about the difference between parameters, in fact, as the game console, the real user to accept is the game content itself. In the case of the two companies’ launches, many netizens said they were “listening to you almost asleep”, while Nintendo, another big man in the Royal Family, was more focused on showing the help hardware brings to the game when it released its new console, Switch.

And, judging by the previous generation of consoles, the Xbox One is undoubtedly configured to crush the PS4, but the lower price (less than $100), and the tolerant second-hand policy has helped Sony a lot. What’s more, “The Last Survivor,” “Mystery Sea 4: The Last Road of Thieves,” “Detroit: The Changed Man,” “Marvel: Spider-Man,” “Horizon: Dawn,” “The Curse of War,” “The Curse of Blood,” “The Goddess Of The Secret” 5. . . A series of exclusive “vulnerable” PS4 sales have been successfully sold. It became the second-best-selling home console in history (after PS2).

In terms of the launch area, the Sony PS4 was initially available in 48 regional markets around the world, compared with 13 for the Xbox One at the time.

In addition, “fancy innovation” outside the game itself is often not recognized by the market. For example, while Microsoft has a pentore at experiencing games, the Xbox One was launched without consumer acceptance, and the company even announced a production of the Kinect adapter at the end of 2017.

However, for the new console, the two companies are currently revealing more information is performance improvement, with the host released new game-related content is still relatively lacking, so no matter how much the difference between the two hardware, let the player approved the game content is the key to the future.