Tesla plans to use lockout period to upgrade Fremont assembly plant Filed application documents

Tesla, the electric car maker, announced on Thursday that its Fremont and New York plants, which are assembled for model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y, would be temporarily shut down after the end of March 23, according tomedia reports. The temporary shutdown will also affect the production of electric vehicles.

Tesla plans to use lockout period to upgrade Fremont assembly plant Filed application documents

But according to the latest reports inmedia, Tesla does not intend to be idle during the shutdown, and plans to use the downtime to upgrade its assembly plant in Fremont.

Media reports indicate that Tesla has recently submitted applications for major construction permits, with a licensing fee of up to $27,937, which usually means that a permit for a major construction project is required.

However, the application documents do not disclose specific construction projects, referring only to civilian facilities that include site improvement and basic seamounts.

Tesla’s use of the suspension of production to upgrade its vehicle assembly plant in Fremont is a smart move.

If the factory upgrade and improvement during the normal production period, it will inevitably affect the normal production of electric vehicles, investorconfidence will also be affected, in the normal production period adjustment is also facing greater pressure.

But the Fremont plant after March 23, is in compliance with the relevant regulations and temporarily discontinued, even if not upgrade, need to stop work, take this opportunity to upgrade, after the resumption of production, production and operation will be more smooth, if the increase in production equipment or production lines, but also greatly improve production capacity, It is conducive to large-scale production after the resumption.

However, there are concerns about possible staff shortages for upgrading the plant during the shutdown, andmedia have previously reported that the Fremont plant, despite its shutdown, will retain some of its staff to maintain the minimum basic operation, reducing the plant’s workforce from 10,000 to 2,500. A small number of employees can be used to upgrade the plant.