Thai hospitals are using ‘ninja robots’ to fight new coronavirus

Hospitals in Thailand have begun using “ninja robots” to ease the burden of fighting by medical workers and doctors to curb the spread of the coronavirus,media BGR reported. The robots, originally used to monitor stroke patients, have been used to measure fever, AFP reported.

Thai hospitals are using 'ninja robots' to fight new coronavirus

These “ninja robots” are all black and look very cute. According to news reports, the robots were originally used to monitor stroke patients during recovery. They have been reused to monitor fever patients, reducing the burden on front-line doctors, who have been trying to control the spread of the deadly virus. Now, there is concern that doctors and nurses may be infected by patients who are being cared for, but these robots also allow medical staff to stand outside the patient’s room and communicate with them internally through the robot.

More variants of these robots are being used in places such as disinfection rooms, or on tasks such as providing food and medicine to patients, Viboon Sangveraphunsir of Chulalongkorn University told AFP. As of Thursday, the robots had been used in four hospitals in and around Bangkok, AFP reported. In addition, hospitals that reported a reduced risk of infection were found.

Sangveraphunsiri is part of a team of engineers at the university, which plans to build more robots for at least 10 hospitals in the region. So far, there have been 599 new crown-confirmed cases in Thailand, including one death, according to Johns Hopkins University.