India bans outbreak: Samsung OPPO and other mobile phone makers stop production

The Indian government has issued a ban on the spread of the new coronavirus, prompting mobile phone makers such as Samsung, OPPO and Vivo to suspend production at their factories in India,media reported. “Based on discussions with Indian government officials, the plant will be closed until March 25, and both OPPO and Vivo will take further precautions,” the phone makers said, according to people familiar with the matter. Vivo has been mandatory for non-factory workers to work from home since Monday to help stop the virus from spreading.

India bans outbreak: Samsung OPPO and other mobile phone makers stop production

Meanwhile, a Samsung spokesman said production in India had been suspended and was awaiting further notice. However, some important services, such as customer service, will remain operational with limited staff.

The spokesman added: “At Samsung, health and safety are the highest priority. To ensure the safety of our employees and their families and to follow government instructions, we have now decided to suspend our manufacturing operations and require our sales, marketing and research and development staff in India to work from home.

However, telecomequipment equipment makers Ericsson and Nokia’s plants in Pune and Chennai will continue to produce. Ericsson’s plant in Pune will work in accordance with the principle of maintaining a safe distance, i.e. only 50% of its employees will be required to continue working. The company has said its plant has been granted an exemption from the ban.

Last week, India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, asked people to stay indoors as possible, stressing the dangers of a new coronavirus, saying the world had never been in such a crisis. He also called on all agencies to continue to pay their employees under the current circumstances.