March patch causes Windows 10 security software to miss some files scanned

Recent anti-virus software tests have shown that Windows Defender, pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system, is comparable to the industry’s leading third-party security vendor. Embarrassingly, if your system has a March patch, it’s likely to miss a scan of some files. Media reported that Microsoft released a security update for Windows and other products on Patch Tuesday in March.

March patch causes Windows 10 security software to miss some files scanned

Users report that, whether you choose a quick or full scan, Windows Defender may skip the check ingress of certain files during the period, as if exclusions had been included in the profile.

At the same time, Action Center also pushes an error message to the user when the problem occurs. “An item was skipped during the scan due to exclusions or network scan settings,” it wrote.

Some people may feel that this is related to a specific version of Windows Defender and can be avoided by upgrading measures that are split from Windows 10 systems.

Now, however, that no matter which version of the Windows Defender Anti-Virus client you’re using, it’s going to get this problem after a March patch.

Softpedia, themedia, tried the latest client and virus definitions on devices running Windows 10 1909, and the result was a re-emergence of the failure during a quick or full scan.

Although no exclusions were set, after the scan, you see an error notification to skip some file scans in The Action Center of Windows 10.

At the time of writing, Microsoft did not seem to be aware of the problem. It is not clear whether this is an example or a widespread phenomenon, and how many devices have been affected.

For users, there may be other ways to ensure security, or wait until Microsoft releases its next security update on April 14.