Italian mayor ‘arrested online’: You rush home to play PlayStation

As we’ve previously reported, Poland has created mine-based My World servers for students to play at home. Recently, according tomedia twinfinite reported that in italy, the new corona outbreak of serious, Bari Mayor Antonio Decaro, also “online arrest”, let the outside citizens go home to play PlayStation.

Italian mayor 'arrested online': You rush home to play PlayStation

Antonio Decaro, Mayor of Bari, Italy

The mayor of Bari, Italy, Antonio Decaro, who has been patrolling the city’s streets a few days ago, hunts down citizens who ignore the government’s orders to stay at home while doing business and playing outside, showed the severity of the outbreak on his Facebook page.

On Decaro’s Facebook page, he can be seen walking up to two men playing table tennis on the beach and saying, “You can’t play table tennis.” You can’t play table tennis. Go home and play PlayStation. Then Decaro warned them that the police were coming and that they should go home immediately.

Italy, one of the countries hardest hit by the new coronavirus, has now effectively implemented blockades and tougher containment measures, and we have seen most Italians stay at home spontaneously, but certainly some people think the outbreak is not so severe that they can go out and hang out.

You know, in Italy, “PlayStation” is often used as a byword for games, and many people use “PlayStation” to represent a broader meaning, rather than specifically referring to Sony’s consoles.