Microsoft is about to hide the control panel on Windows 10

Control Panel is a familiar place that Windows users already think of, but as Windows 10 becomes more popular, Microsoft has finally made up its mind to get rid of the page altogether. Since Windows 2.0, Microsoft has been bringing together some advanced system settings options through the classic Control Panel. But starting with Modern’s Windows 8, Microsoft is particularly interested in transforming this.

Microsoft is about to hide the control panel on Windows 10

Although the Windows 8 operating system has hit the market for changing users’ usage habits too aggressively, Microsoft has not given up on a step-by-step influence on Windows 10.

During the transition, Microsoft not only provided a new tablet-style settings interface in the Windows 10 operating system, but also retained the traditional Control Panel UI.

Currently, Microsoft offers only a few basic options in the Windows 10 Settings app, while there are some advanced configuration options left over the traditional traditional control panel.

However, the build 19587 compiled version of the Fast Ring channel, which has recently been pushed to the Fast Ring channel, has hinted at its imminent hidden fate (Hide_System_Control_Panel).

For Windows development teams, maintaining two different management interfaces on an operating system platform at the same time can obviously lead to some logical and functional confusion.

For example, some features can be seen on the set-up app and control panel, but the process experience is a bit divisive.

To get out of this inconsistency, hiding the control panel from the Windows 10 operating system is clearly only the first step, and the final change is expected to be introduced as part of the Windows 10 20H2 update.