Volkswagen CEO: Plant shut down or will last for weeks to test-produced ventilators to respond to outbreak

Industrial production has been hit hard as the epidemic spreads in overseas countries. In Europe, where the outbreak is more serious, major factories and enterprises will gradually stop production and stop production, and transfer medical supplies and equipment needed for epidemic prevention and control. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has warned that the new corona virus crisis could force the company to close its factories longer than originally planned,media reported.

Volkswagen CEO: Plant shut down or will last for weeks to test-produced ventilators to respond to outbreak

“Most of our plants will be closed for two weeks, and in some areas, they will be closed for three weeks,” Dees said on social media. These measures are likely to continue. The spread of the virus will not stop in the coming weeks. So we need to be prepared for this, and we may face this threat for a long time until we get an effective drug or vaccine. “

The Volkswagen Group has a wide range of model brands, including Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Siaat and Skoda. And these factories scattered across Europe have also been gradually closed due to the impact of the outbreak.

In addition, with the increase of confirmed cases, the European region’s medical system of anti-epidemic materials and equipment are also facing a shortage. To this end, many car companies announced that they will transfer medical equipment and materials, including ventilators, to support the medical sector’s epidemic prevention and control work.

According to VW officials, it will join other carmakers around the world in exploring the use of 3D printers to make medical ventilators to fight the new coronavirus.

VW said in a statement that it had formed a task force to test the material and examine the supply chain to determine how to use 3D printing to make ventilators and other life-saving equipment.

At the same time, VW said the project to convert ventilators was progressing quickly. It added that the company had printed prototypes of the equipment parts, and that the Skoda brand was involved in the project.

It’s not just European car companies that are shutting down production of medical equipment. With the rapid growth of the outbreak in North America, U.S. auto companies, including Tesla, GM and Ford, have responded to local government demands to prepare for the transfer of medical equipment and supplies.