Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Exposure: The S20 Ultra with the S Pen?

The soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S20 series includes three models in one go, with a more comprehensive configuration and screen size. While Stardust has more hope for the Second Half Note 20, both the whistleblower Max Winebach and the digital i-Ice Universe suggest that the Note 20 may just be the S20 Ultra with the S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Exposure: The S20 Ultra with the S Pen?

Previously, there was a rendering showing the Note 20 sticking to the horizontal rear camera scheme, but the message stressed that the square camera is the correct solution.

This year, the Galxy S20 series was released in February, and the Note 20 series is almost locked in July-September at a six-month interval. Rumours include restoring 128GB of storage start-ups and possible debut camera technology.

The message says the Note 20 has at least two, the Note 20 1 and the Note 20 2. The Note 20 2 is equipped with the SnapSnapdragon 865 and the Note 20 1 is equipped with another chip.

The remarks did not appear to emphasize Samsung’s Galaxy flagship’s long-standing dual-chip strategy, but rather that the Note 20 low version of the same market would not feature the SnapSnapdragon 865 as usual.

Frankly speaking, last year the Note10 did not have 2K screen and 5G network to let users a little disappointed, this year if continue to reduce the allocation, it seems a little uncomfortable.

In addition, the Note 20 Series is said to be enabling global 2K 120Hz operation to compensate for the Regretof of the S20 Series. At the same time, the S Pen stylus will have a secret feature called Project C plus holding, there is speculation whether it will be an integrated camera?