Mozila Firefox 75.0 Beta 7 Released

The new coronavirus is still raging in many countries and the development of browser manufacturers has been affected, but Mozila’s development has not slowed, mozila Firefox 75.0 Beta 7 was released today. 75 version startFirefox will cache all trusted Web PKI certificate authority certificates known to Mozilla in the background, which will improve httpS compatibility with misconfigured Web servers.

Download address:

Firefox 75 also supports finding more from the modified address bar, and now simply selects the address bar, and a box expands with links to your popular websites.

The redesigned interface provides centralized search for clean screens and is optimized for smaller screens, as well as solutions to common browser problems in the Search Suggestions box.

For the macOS platform, by setting security.osclientcerts.autoload true in your preferences, you can enable experimental support on macOS for using client certificates from the OS certificate store (this feature is available from Firefox 72 starting available on Windows).

Mozila Firefox 75.0 Beta 7 Released