Python overtook Java as GitHub’s second most popular language

According to GitHub’s State of The Octoverse annual report, Python overtook Java as the second most popular language, with JavaScript at the top of the rankings. The report says its platform has more than 40 million developers, including 10 million new users in 2019, and the largest number of developers outside the U.S. includeS China, India, Germany, the U.K., Japan, Canada, France, Russia, Brazil and the Hong Kong SAR.

The report highlights China in particular, saying that Chinese developers have increased 48% more projects in the past year to create branches and clones than in the previous year.

The fastest-growing languages used in the past year have been Dart, followed by Rust, HCL, Kotlin, TypeScript, PowerShell, Apex, Python, Assembly, and Go. Dart growth rate of 532%, while Rust is 235%.

Python overtook Java as GitHub's second most popular language

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