Intel Developer: PS5 Looks Like a Smart Simplified PC

Sony unveiled the PS5’s hardware specifications last week, and on paper at least, the PS5’s overall performance is weaker than the Xbox Series X. But this performance gap won’t hurt the game of the PS5, which professionals think is a “smart simplified PC.”

Intel Developer: PS5 Looks Like a Smart Simplified PC

Dietmar Suoch, a developer in Intel’s performance graphics division, recently tweeted that ps5 is a “smart simplified PC”, praising Sony for coming up with ways to overcome bottlenecks and improve entertainment capabilities.

“It looks like Sony has made a very smart and sensible choice in the PS5 architecture. While the improvement of SSD is impressive, it is a long-term concern. CPU and GPU improvements are good, but not expected. I’m mainly looking forward to the potential of the new audio engine.

There are advantages and disadvantages. In terms of performance, the PS5 looks like a smart simplified PC. It overcomes hardware/software bottlenecks and ensures and improves entertainment-related things, including input delay, force feedback, refresh, audio fidelity, and more. “

CTO Andrea Pessino of Ready At Dawn, the developer of the Order 1886, praised the PS5, saying it would take less than a year to be seen as “one of the most revolutionary hosts.”

“Bet: Within a year of its launch, the player will fully appreciate the PS5, as it is one of the most revolutionary and most inspiring hosts ever designed, and you will be ashamed of tf ism and other similarly misunderstood specifications.” “