NVIDIA 445.75 Graphics Drive Release: DLSS 2.0 Landing Two Games

In addition to the official release of the next-generation deep learning anti-aliasing technology DLSS 2.0, NVIDIA tonight also released The GeForce 445.75 version of the graphics driver, through the Microsoft WHQL certification of the official version, so that players first experience the thrill of DLSS 2.0 games. With this drive, combined with the corresponding game upgrade package, Mechanic Warrior 5: Mercenary and Control games can show players the power of DLSS 2.0.

DLSS 2.0 Is a new deep learning neural network that improves frame rates and produces beautiful images for games, maximizing quality settings and increasing output resolution.

According to NVIDIA, the DLSS 2.0 plus “Mechanic Warrior 5” and “Control” game performance can be improved by up to 75%, while getting a better picture.

Flying to the Moon and German Headquarters: New Blood will also support DLSS 2.0, and Unreal 4 game engines will also join DLSS 2.0.

NVIDIA 445.75 Graphics Drive Release: DLSS 2.0 Landing Two Games

As a Game Ready game optimization driver, 445.75 Game Ready Drive for VR game Half Life: Alyx is individually optimized for VR game Half Life: Alyx to avoid problems or errors, disrupt immersion and impact the VR experience.

In addition, the new driver has been optimized for Biochemical Crisis 3, Ghost Action: Breakpoint, and G-SYNC compatible displays have also added acer XB273GX.

NVIDIA 445.75 Graphics Drive Release: DLSS 2.0 Landing Two Games

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