(Pictured) Windows Insider Project Ushers in a New Take: Windows Enters the Beginning of a New Era

Last month, Microsoft’s organizational structure undertook a major shake-up, re-merging Windows and hardware divisions, with Panos Panay, head of Surface, in full charge. Although Panay hasn’t been at the helm of the new department for long, we’ve noticed that Windows is starting to change.

(Pictured) Windows Insider Project Ushers in a New Take: Windows Enters the Beginning of a New Era

The first is the new head of the Windows Insider project. In a blog post released today, Panay explains:

In my first 30 days as head of Windows, I spent a lot of time listening, learning, and working with my team to build the next new era of Windows. I have great admiration for the dedication and depth of knowledge of the Windows Insider team.

In order to build on this momentum and continue to develop and innovate in the Windows ecosystem, it is clear that we need the right leaders to lead this powerful community into a new era. And that’s why I’m happy to announce Amanda Langowski as the new leader of the Windows Insider project.

Amanda Langowski is a Microsoft and Windows veteran who has worked at Microsoft for more than 20 years. Amanda Langowski previously worked on the Windows Beta project, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, and led the team to ensure that the Windows version was distributed to engineers inside and outside Microsoft.

Amanda Langowski will take over the testing of Windows 10 and lead an important feedback-based mechanism. Dona Sarkar, who previously held the position, will take on a new role on the Microsoft Developer Relations team and continue to work at Microsoft. Dona’s predecessor, Gabe Aul, left Microsoft last year to join Facebook as an AR/VR engineering job.

Microsoft is currently focusing on Windows 10X on dual-screen devices, but there are many changes to the desktop version. Panay hasn’t finalized the direction of Windows, but you can expect Microsoft to refocus on OS.