Apple Park’s latest drone footage shows ‘ghost town’ under COVID-19

Apple Park, Apple’s headquarters, looks like a “ghost town” in the latest drone footage, thanks to recent home-office policies linked to the new coronavirus and government-imposed “city closure” measures,media outlet Apple Insider reported. In early March, Apple began encouraging employees to work from home as much as possible to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. Since then, local and state-level government “in-place asylum” orders appear to have essentially led to the closure of Apple Park.

Apple Park's latest drone footage shows 'ghost town' under COVID-19

Drone pilot Duncan Sinfield filmed the new video and posted it on YouTube, showing the visibility and weirdness of the bans. Apple Park’s sprawling campus appears to have been abandoned because all non-essential employees remain at home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

However, there may be employees at the site because California’s statewide “in-place refuge” order eliminates people who play key roles, such as database administrators or IT personnel.

The video also clearly shows the rainbow-colored stage designed by Jony Ive as part of Apple Park’s official opening in May 2019.