Google Cloud launches Game Servers game hosting cloud back-end service

Google Cloud recently announced a beta version of Game Servers. As a managed service, it is designed to provide game developers with common back-end services to run single-player or multiplayer games in the company’s cloud. It’s important to note that these servers aren’t the main streaming apps, but just to make it easier for developers to create, scale, and manage game backends.

Google Cloud launches Game Servers game hosting cloud back-end service

Game Servers is understood to be based on the Agones open source game server, first announced by Google and Ubisoft in 2018, as well as the Kubernetes container programming platform.

Scott Van Woudenberg, Product Manager at Google Cloud, added that the team also reused some parts of Anthos, which the company uses to manage the Cloudy Kubernetes cluster service.

Game Servers currently only runs engines on Google Kubernetes, but later this year it will also offer support for hybrid and multi-cloud platforms.

Given that many gaming companies have built their own on-premises server queues, such tools with hybrid cloud capabilities are also essential.

By using Agones outside of Game Servers, and registering these servers with the Game Servers API, Google is also working to make them embrace the ecosystem.

In fact, almost every game needs to run with some kind of cloud back end, van Woudenberg points out. In multiplayer mode, for example, the cloud back end is responsible for game scheduling, or persistent data statistics.

For independent developers and large studios, it is also ideal to scale and scale the cluster on demand.

In addition, Game Servers provides A/B and Canary tests and will integrate with the Open Match docking framework in future updates.