Global teams set foot on 6G research and development arena, but still in the early stages of exploration

As the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Yu Hexuan said, the human demand for industry and technology is endless. While most people are still short of a 5G phone, countries have massed in 6G battlefields. Recently, from the Ministry of Science and Technology website, the Ministry of Science and Technology with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Natural Science Foundation committee held a 6G technology research and development work launch meeting, and announced the establishment of the national 6G technology research and development promotion working group and the overall expert group.

Global team set foot on 6G research and development arena, but still in the early stages of exploration

But as Vice Minister of Science and Technology Wang Wei said: “At present, the global 6G technology research is still in the initial stage of exploration, the technical route is not clear, key indicators and application scenarios have not been unified definition.” ”

6G will not cover blind spots

5G has started commercial use around the world, according to the industry agreed that every 10 years mobile communications will iterate the law, 6G will appear around 2030.

Yi Zhiling, chief scientist at China Mobile Research Institute, said: “The iteration of mobile communication technology is not simply determined by technology, it is not yet known when 6G will be deployed, but iterative time is bound to be shorter and shorter.” ”

Wang Xiaofei, a professor at Tianjin University’s School of Computer Science and Technology, told Science and Technology Daily that 6G does nonlyify only speed gains unless it plays an active role in particularly core areas such as terahertz, space, underwater, physical layers and basic materials.

According to the world’s first 6G white paper published by the University of Oulu in Finland (KEY DRIVERS AND RESEARCH CHALLENGES CHALLENGES CHALLENGES FOR 6G WILL WIRELESS WIRELESS IntelLIGENCE), in addition to a significant increase in transmission capabilities, 6G wireless networks will enable seamless connectivity of ground, satellite and on-board networks, rather than being stuck on the ground.

“We started 5G pre-research in 2011, when 4G was still far from commercial and in the implementation phase of standards. Yi Zhiling recalled that although there were no quantitative indicators and no clear 5G demand, they had felt the lack of the industrial chain, and then 5G’s work was basically in the direction of implementation.

The importance of “pre-researching, developing a generation, using a generation” in the communications industry is here, and while many ideas about 6G are still intheritus, in order to establish future competitiveness, we must do so in advance.

Global team set foot on 6G research and development arena, but still in the early stages of exploration

The Digital World and the Physical World Are Further Connected

When 6G blends the digital world with the physical world, many of the still-fantasy scenarios will become a reality.

Most 6G performance indicators will be 10 to 100 times higher than 5G and have a maximum transmission rate of 1Tbps, which means that downloading a movie can be done in less than a second, while the 0.1ms network delay is largely imperceptible.

“It is conceivable that more and more things in the 6G era will have endogenous intelligence. “Now 5G applications are mainly connected entities and no smart nodes. In the future, maybe everyone has a virtual twin, maybe a part of us will be virtualized, it will be a new world. ”

Industry research has outlined a variety of potential 6G applications, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) combined into one extended reality (XR) applications are most popular.

The virtual things it creates in the real world can change with the will of the people, allowing geographically dispersed people to be in the same space, the device and the senses seamlessly connected, remote holographic become a reality. As a result, distance education, collaborative design, telemedicine, telecommuting, advanced 3D simulation and training, and defense applications have a deeper imagination.

“5G is changing society, and 6G will bring a combination of the physical world and the virtual world, and this trend is what everyone expects and thinks will happen,” Yi said. But it’s hard to say how large and to what extent each person will have a digital twin on the cloud in the next 5 to 10 years. It’s not just about technology, it’s about morality and ethics. ”

What is certain is that if all that imagination is to become a reality, we need a stronger network that 5G is difficult to carry.

Related technologies need national groups to attack

After experiencing “1G blank, 2G follow, 3G breakthrough, 4G parallel, 5G leading”, China has made greater action in the 6G field, which is clearly not just the goal of the communications industry.

Now that the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Finland and other countries are on the 6G development circuit, scientists are trying to find a clear way to 6G development. Zhong Zhang, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University, stressed that a new generation of technical standards requires top-level design and conceptual definitions, and that in the research and exploration phase, it is necessary to first find out what 6G is and where it comes from.

Wang Xiaofei believes that the core technology needs to invest a particularly large amount of money, must be the national behavior of the group, 6G is even more so, it aims at many directions have a strong strategic significance, must rise to the national strategy. He says many of the basic core pre-research may not land 6G. As with previous generations of mobile communications technology, many participants will be eliminated, and there are now few global 5G core technologies, or even more so by 6G.

But if you don’t develop it in advance, the next generation of standards will come out, and you may not be able to do it for the previous generation.

Ziguang, which is involved in the specific research work of the technical sub-group of the 6G Technology Research and Development Promotion Working Group, has taken the lead in announcing the launch of pre-research and reserve of 6G-related technologies to explore potential 6G key technologies such as terahertz communication, orbital angular momentum, very large-scale antenna system, very high-throughput codec, and heaven-earth integrated communication network. And developed 6G technology prototype research and development and promotion planning.

It is understood that the Ministry of Science and Technology will work with the relevant departments to organize the overall expert group system to carry out the development of 6G technology research and development program, 6G technology pre-research, explore possible technical direction. Through the system layout of 6G technology research and development, we can practice and solve a series of basic theories, design methods and core technology problems in the field of mobile communication and information security, and strive to make breakthroughs in basic research, core key technologies, standard specifications and so on.

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