People’s Daily: 5G Commercial era ready to enter

5G commercial recently launched. Each of the three carriers has released a 5G package. Book 5G in advance more than 10 million users, do not change cards, do not change the number, buy a good mobile phone, choose a good package, from this month can officially use 5G. Download a HD movie in 1 second… When it comes to 5G, fast Internet speed is probably the first awareness of consumers. So, is the 5G package expensive or not? What about network coverage now? Is a typical application of 5G technology that ordinary users can perceive? The reporter takes you through.

People's Daily: 5G Commercial Open ready to enter

The fee is not expensive.

Package minimum 128 yuan per month, set up “set foreign investment fee cap” “forced off-grid” function

Monthly fees are not less than 128 yuan, the most upscale package monthly rent does not exceed 600 yuan, package foreign investment fee of 3 yuan / GB, user set of outside traffic consumption minimum full 500 yuan that is to disconnect … The 5G packages produced by the three operators are not exactly the same, but the starting price, the highest price, the price of off-set traffic, the price of the out-of-box consumption cap, etc. are not much different.

Take China Mobile as an example, its 5G package is divided into personal and home versions, the personal version from 128 yuan to 598 yuan, the home version from 169 yuan to 869 yuan, each has five. China Telecom recommended to each provincial company’s package gear a total of seven, respectively, corresponding to the national traffic 30GB – 300GB, the national call 500 minutes – 3000 minutes. China Unicom issued a 5G package on the basis of the original 4G package further expanded, divided into seven.

So, 5G tariff is not expensive in the end? Comparatively speaking, the same is 128 yuan package, 5G contains 30GB of traffic, 500 minutes of call, than the current 4G price package contains more traffic, unit traffic price is lower than 4G per unit traffic price. But given that 5G speed is about 10 times 4G, 5G Internet consumption of the same traffic time, naturally less than 4G, the same 30GB of traffic, 4G network may not be used up for a month, but 5G network is likely not enough. In this way, according to the current tariff level, 5G users will spend more.

Reporters previously interviewed operators and experts, many people said – in the 5G era, everyone’s communication costs will rise, but with the scale of applications, the total price will not increase too much, will be maintained in the user can afford the range, and the increasein costs will allow users to obtain higher value.

“China’s 5G package tariff level is lower than the international mainstream operators. Wang Zhiqin, vice president of the China Information and Communications Research Institute, said that from South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom and other international mainstream operators to launch 5G package, the cheapest package equivalent to 200 yuan / month, the most expensive package about 750 yuan / month.

People's Daily: 5G Commercial Open ready to enter

The signal is good or bad.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other urban areas have been covered

Consumer suces the heat on 5G since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G commercial license in June. As of October 11, the three major telecom operators had received more than 10 million 5G commercial reservation subscribers. So, is there a leap in 5G speed compared to 4G? How about signal coverage? Is the 5G terminal class sufficient? The price is personal?

Mr. Yang, an executive at a large manufacturing company in Hangzhou, got the identity of a 5G experience user from a carrier three months ago. While brushing the 5G mobile phone in his hand, Mr. Yang said that 5G’s internet speed is much faster than 4G, whether it is APP installation and update, or brush micro-blogging, WeChat bulk send photo video, can be completed in an instant. “The first more than a month, often with speed measurement software speed measurement, in the network is good place, 5G downlink rate can reach about 800Mbps, is more than ten times 4G. ”

What about 5G signal coverage? “The company installed a room sub-system, office area 5G coverage is good, out of the company, indeed in many places or can only use 4G network. Mr. Yang admits that the coverage in downtown Hangzhou is now much better than it was three months ago.

Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said in his opening speech at the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition on October 31 that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other urban areas have achieved 5G network coverage, and it is expected that by the end of the year, the country will open more than 130,000 5G base stations. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology data, as of the end of September, three basic telecommunications enterprises have opened more than 80,000 5G base stations nationwide.

According to reports, 5G base station sittin real large-scale construction, until 2020. By then, the SA independent network network, which can really bring 5G high-speed, low latency and wide-connectivity features to the extreme, will become mainstream. According to research institutions forecast that the future 5G base station volume will be 2 times 4G, operators 5G network construction main investment may reach 1.23 trillion yuan, compared with 4G investment growth of 68%.

To avoid duplication of investment, China Unicom and China Telecom have announced that they will jointly build a 5G shared network. Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, said that by co-building and sharing, customers can enjoy more bandwidth, higher rates and wider coverage of 5G network services by doubling coverage, doubling the rate and better service. It is reported that the two sides have opened 5G jointly built shared base stations in 24 provinces and cities. In the case of rate, the latest test data show that the co-shared 5G network peak rate can reach 2.5Gpbs.

Terminal, “counting just accepted the reservation of Huawei Mate30 series of 5G mobile phones, currently on the market for sale of 9 5G mobile phones, is expected to be listed in the year of a total of about 17 models.” “China Mobile related people introduced. At present, 5G terminal is still mainly high-end machine, product prices are expected to be mainly concentrated in 3500-8000 yuan. It is expected that in the second quarter of 2020 will launch 2000 yuan 5G mobile phone, the fourth quarter will launch 1000 yuan 5G mobile phone.

People's Daily: 5G Commercial Open ready to enter

Application is not strong

Suitable for video and game users who demand high speed of the network

“5G commercial, applications are the key. China Telecom Chairman Michael Koriwen said 5G should bring a new experience to both public and corporate customers. To this end, China Telecom for public customers, the introduction of ultra-high definition, cloud games, cloud VR, cloud computers and other applications, for government and enterprise customers, to provide media broadcasting, industrial Internet, smart cities, digital government, car networking and other industries to help transform and upgrade traditional industries.

China Mobile provides consumers with a “five new” full-scene feature content experience: 5G Ultra HD video, 4K live streaming and VR experience to create a “new perspective”, ultra-high-definition video color bells to create “new listening method”, ultra-high-definition cloud game to create a “new game” to interactive short video AR to create a “new shot method” to 5G cloud disk, cloud mobile phone, The new message creates a “new usage.”

However, according to popular science expert Dr. Zhang Qi, almost all applications are now based on 4G development, and can operate in good condition on 4G networks, but 5G high speed can lead to a faster, smoother experience.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei in the state-run press conference in response to reporters’ questions, also admitted, “For the vast number of users, 4G mobile phones are enough, not only phone calls, text messages, including the Internet, watching video, are enough.” “Of course, for a small number of special users engaged in electric competition, large-scale hand tours, perhaps the current 4G network is not enough to meet their needs. 5G real application scenarios, 80% should be used in the communication of things and objects, such as industrial Internet, telemedicine and other fields.

Some experts also said that for 5G consumer-grade applications, should not be too pessimistic. At the beginning of 4G commercial, we are looking at video phones and other high-speed applications, who can think that the real fire is WeChat video, mobile payment, shared bike and small video live broadcast platform? 5G will usher in the Internet of Everything era, and while the main scenarios for “things” may seem commercial, the convergence of these applications with consumer scenarios has the potential to create new “burst” applications.

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