Bezos is reported to have called Bloomberg about next year’s presidential election.

Shortly after Amazon canceled plans to open a second headquarters in New York in February, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive and the world’s richest man, reportedly called Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg and a former mayor of New York. In the conversation, Bezos asked if Mr. Bloomberg would run for president in 2020, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bezos is reported to have called Bloomberg about next year's presidential election.

Mr. Bloomberg has also given a negative answer about whether Mr. Bezos would reconsider plans to build a second amazon headquarters in New York City.

Today, Bloomberg is in Alabama, registered as the candidate for the 2020 presidential election alabama Democratic primary, is entering the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Mr. Bloomberg spent more than $100 million on Democratic elections, ultimately ensuring that Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, said Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for Mr. Bloomberg. “We need to make sure we can beat Trump now.” But Mr Bloomberg is increasingly concerned that current (Democratic) candidates will not do it well.”

It’s unclear what prompted Bezos to call Mr. Bloomberg earlier this year, or what he thought of Mr. Bloomberg’s candidacy.

Bezos, who is considered a liberal, is largely absent from large political donations, but has donated $10 million, along with his ex-wife, Mackenzie, to a super PAC that seeks to elect veterans to Congress.

But it’s easy to imagine Bezos, who is worth more than $100 billion, wouldn’t mind Bloomberg running for president.

Both Democratic presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have made economic inequality a central issue in their campaigns. From the treatment of warehouse workers to Amazon’s growing influence in retail and other industries, both senators have been outspoken critics of Amazon. Warren has proposed a plan to spin off Amazon and other tech giants.

Warren also proposed a wealth tax on wealth ymes for wealthy people such as Bezos and Bill Gates. Sanders, who doesn’t think billionaires should exist at all, has put forward his own wealth tax proposal.

On the other hand, current U.S. President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused Himof, who has repeatedly used the Washington Post as a tool to influence corporate tax policies, has been unkind to Bezos, and has said Amazon faces serious monopoly problems.

When Bezos announced his divorce, Trump taunted Bezos and gave him a new nickname, “Jeff Bozo.” In English, Bozo and Idiot mean “idiots”.

Mr. Bloomberg, also a billionaire, could make sense for Mr. Bezos, who is also a billionaire, in a bad relationship with both parties.

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