Kenyan government approves Loon’s hot air balloon internet connection

Alphabet’s high-altitude balloon network has finally been approved by the Kenyan government. Loon, the service provider, is expected to begin providing services to remote parts of Kenya soon. Once the service is up and running, Loon’s high-altitude network balloons will allow Kenyan users to buy 4G services from Telkom Kenya, Kenya’s third-largest operator.

Kenyan government approves Loon's hot air balloon internet connection

Loon is a global high-altitude balloon network company that works primarily with global mobile network operators to send huge high-altitude flying balloons to the stratosphere and transmit LTE signals to the ground to expand the reach of its LTE service. The balloon’s equipment includes solar panels to charge the battery, a flight cabin to guide it with electronic devices, and a parachute for landing on mission.

Loon, formerly known as Project Loon in Google X Labs, officially hatched in 2013 and graduated from Google X in July 2018 as a subsidiary of Alphabet.

According tomedia reports, Loon is currently deploying existing hot air balloons and launching them from the United States, and when the hot air balloons arrive in Kenya, Loon will conduct the final phase of network integration testing with Telkom Kenya.

“As a result of the outbreak, we will deploy Loon services in Kenya as soon as possible and will attempt to provide long-term services to local users.” Alastair Westgarth, Loon’s chief executive, said.