Apple Card accused of sexism Apple co-founder: I certify

11 (Xinhua) — Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in an interview Sunday that Apple Card, which was released by Goldman Sachs and Apple, was suspected of sexism in determining credit lines and that his wife had been discriminated against and called on the government to tighten regulations.

Apple Card accused of sexism Apple co-founder: I certify

Mr Wozniak said Apple Card gave him 10 times the credit limit of his wife, even though they shared bank and other credit card accounts, while other lenders treated them the same.

Apple Card accused of sexism Apple co-founder: I certify

Wozniak is another high-profile figure pointing to the apple card issue after David Heinemeier Hansson, an American tech entrepreneur and founder of Ruby On Rails, first exposed the issue on social media, saying Apple Card gave him 20 times his wife’s credit limit. The New York Financial Services Authority later announced it would investigate.

“The algorithm is clearly flawed,” Mr Wozniak said in an interview. A lot of people will say, ‘We love our technology, but we can no longer control it’. I think that’s the case. “

He added: “I am deeply disturbed by this unfair ness, which is contrary to the principle of truth.” We don’t have transparency about how these companies set up these things and operate them. Our government is not tough enough on regulation. Consumers can only be represented by the government, because big companies represent only themselves. “

“Our credit decisions are based on the credibility of our customers, not on the basis of gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other factor prohibited by law,” said Andrew Williams, a Goldman spokesman, after the New York regulator announced the investigation. “

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