Commentary on the “asymptomatic infected people” prevention and control must not be taken lightly

Epidemic prevention and control situation is still struggling, in addition to the growth of imported cases from abroad, the emergence of individual cities in the country,” “asymptomatic infections” also make people particularly worried. As the name implies, “asymptomatic infection” refers to no clinical symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc.), but the respiratory tract and other specimens tested positive. As it has no clinical symptoms, it has not been included in the confirmed case statistics.

From the Wuhan Health and Health Commission’s response on March 23, asymptomatic infections “can also become a source of infection, with a certain risk of transmission.” A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine also showed that the viral load detected from samples of asymptomatic patients was close to that of a symptomatic people. In a study of the Diamond Princess, a team of researchers from Kyoto University in Japan, Georgia State University in the United States and Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the asymptomatic proportion was estimated to be 17.9%.

Asymptomatic, virus-free, contagious – because of the subtle characteristics of “asymptomatic infections” themselves, it is also easy to cause some unnecessary misdirection to outbreak prevention and control and some people’s self-protection.

In the room, some people think that the “asymptomatic infection” is not included in the number of confirmed cases, in order to make the number of confirmed cases appear to be less. But in fact, this may also be a misunderstanding. In the scientific community, there is no shortage of debate as to whether “asymptomatic infections” or “carriers of a certain virus” are truly confirmed cases. If a body is fully adapted to the virus and is “in harmony” with the virus, then he is indeed different from the “diagnosed patient”.

In this regard, Wuhan Health and Health Commission also has a reply, asymptomatic infected people, although not included in the confirmed case, but will be concentrated isolation for 14 days and do further testing, once the symptoms will be included in the confirmed case.

Therefore, although the statistical inclusion of confirmed cases, but in terms of prevention and control must not be taken lightly. Because of its potentially contagious nature, it may be reported separately, in diagnosis, isolation, the publication of life trajectory, compared to the results of the confirmed case.

Compared to confirmed cases, most asymptomatic infected people are in secure health, the publication of life trajectory is actually more of a good warning to others, so the data in various places when the data is not too much psychological burden. After all, for such a cunning virus, the more information is shared, the less the unknown will be feared.

The so-called “epidemic” and change, in the first two months, our prevention and control focus is to timely treatment of the sick, cut off the transmission of the virus. This phase of the task is almost complete, and next, in the face of any new case spree or asymptomatic infection, we have the energy and experience to conduct better epidemiological investigations to track all contact populations as much as possible.

Wuhan is steadily returning to normal life. Hubei yesterday issued a heavy “unsealing” notice: from March 25, Hubei, in addition to Wuhan, the lifting of the off-the-road channel control; During this period, neither asymptomatic infections can be taken lightly nor can they continue to be “frozen” as a result of individual cases. Virus again cunning, it “walked the road” still has traces to follow. For example, active testing of new cases of contact, concentrated outbreak sites, and vulnerable priority populations may identify potential sources of infection.

At present, people strongly look forward to return ingesting to normal life, pay attention to asymptomatic infection, and accurately and completely announce the trajectory of life, people can travel can also be prepared, peace of mind.

Meng Ran (Media Man)