Affected by the outbreak, Google decides to skip Chrome 82 release directly

As a result of the outbreak, Google announced a few days ago that it had temporarily frozen version updates to Chrome and Chrome OS, giving priority to the stability and security of the current version due to work schedule changes brought about by remote work. But according to the latest news from Chrome developer Jason Kersey in the official Chromium Google Group, Google has now decided to skip the release of Chrome 82 “to ensure that the focus is on security and stability.”

Affected by the outbreak, Google decides to skip Chrome 82 release directly

According to Jason, based on the above decision to skip Chrome 82, their development team developed a series of next steps to take immediately:

Discard the current M82 branch, remove schema support, and stop testing/merging to branch

No new M82 release will be pushed to Dev and will stop the beta stabilization

Move the development channel to M83 as soon as possible

Keep the beta channel on m81 until you are ready to release M83

In addition, the announcement says that once the M81 is ready to release a stable version, Chrome’s future milestone schedule will be adjusted, possibly with the possibility of an early release of the beta and stable versions of Chrome 83. The Chromium development team will discuss the release of each release next week, when new news is expected.

The Microsoft Edge team, on the other hand, followed the upstream pace by announcing the suspension of Microsoft Edge. Predictably, Edge is also likely to skip version 82 after Google’s latest announcement.