Samsung Galaxy S11 Series Renders: Double-Surface Digging Screen/SnapDragon 865

On Nov. 11, well-known whistleblowers @BenGeskin exposed the Galaxy S11 series of renderings. It is worth noting that the rendering is based on the leaked information and the authenticity is yet to be confirmed. As shown in the figure, the Galaxy S11 series features a hole-in-the-hole design. Given Samsung’s use of the scheme on the Galaxy S10 series and the Galaxy Note 10 series, the Galaxy S11 series has little suspense with a hole-in-the-hole screen.

According to the information disclosed by the evleaks, the Galaxy S11 series offers three models, which may be named the Galaxy S11e, Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus. The Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11 are available in 4G, 5G versions, and the Galaxy S11 Plus is available in 5G versions only.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Series Rendering Exposure: Double-Surface Digging Screen/Dragon 865

In terms of screen size, the Galaxy S11 series features 6.2 or 6.4 inches, 6.7 inches and 6.9 inches.

The Galaxy S11 series is equipped with the Qualcomm Dragon 865 flagship platform (some versions are equipped with Exynos 9830).

The aircraft is expected to be officially released in February and is worth looking forward to.

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