2020 iPad Pro Foreign Media Review Summary: Support for Trackpad True Fragrance

On march 25th it was announced that the media review of the 2020 iPad Pro had finally arrived, following the release of last week’s 2020 MacBook Air media review. Domestic andmedia also brought a detailed experience for the first time. Sina Digital has compiled some of the views ofmedia on the 2020 iPad Pro. Taken together, most reviews agree that the 2020 iPad Pro is only a small upgrade for 2018, but the trackpad support that iPad OS 13.4 brings is a no-show.

Since Apple doesn’t offer media a smart keyboard with a trackpad (which won’t be available until May), most media are tested by upgrading iPad OS 13.4 with The Magic Plate 2.

2020 iPad Pro Foreign Media Review Summary: Support for Trackpad True Fragrance

2020 iPad Pro (pictured from @The Verge)

The Verge believes trackpad support is probably the most important feature on this year’s iPad. From the actual experience, the feeling of scrolling is natural, at first feel the mouse cursor change shape to match the way the button is strange, but the habit after feeling good, but, push the cursor up to the edge of the screen to pop up the Dock, notification center, and sidebar application, there is still a little uncomfortable.

TechCrunch focuses on processors, and TechCrunch says the new A12Z bionic processor is similar in performance to the A12X processor, not much of a boost, but enough for everyday use.

TechCrunch also noted that the new LiDAR lidar could not be tested because it is not available for applications. It remains to be seen how much improvement these improvements will be for the experience, as the other 2020 iPad Pro does have an eight-core GPU (up from the seven cores in the 2018 iPad Pro) and an enhanced thermal architecture.

2020 iPad Pro Foreign Media Review Summary: Support for Trackpad True Fragrance

CNBC thinks the camera experience is better.

CNBC believes that, in addition to the new AR features, the 2020 iPad Pro’s camera system is a better overall experience. Apple has revamped the camera on the new iPad Pro with a wide-angle lens that lets you capture more in the scene, just like the latest iPhone. 4K video can now be recorded using wide-angle mirrors and ultra-wide-angle mirrors that videographers might like. But the average user may not use the iPad to take photos or videos.

CNN focused on some of the performance of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in battery life, which took about six hours on the first day and four hours the next morning, essentially matching 10 to 11 hours of battery life, and consistent with the 2018 model. It also matches Apple’s stated 10-hour battery life.

Six Colors(a personal website dedicated to updating Apple News) points that the new 2020 iPad Pro is a small step forward, using the Geekbench 5 to give the old and new iPad Pro runs, with score differences between single and multi-core tests, and the new iPad Pro’s graphic score has improved slightly.

2020 iPad Pro Foreign Media Review Summary: Support for Trackpad True Fragrance

Running score comparison (pictured from @Six Colors)

Even if the performance improvements aren’t obvious, the Six Colors still believe that the 2020 iPad Pro is faster than the 2020 MacBook Air.

Finally, Six Colors has a buying advice, and if you don’t have an iPad Pro, the 2020 iPad Pro is definitely worth buying. If you have the 2018 iPad Pro on hand, there’s no need to upgrade.