Moderna says new crown vaccine could be available to health care providers this fall

According tomedia BGR, the new coronavirus vaccine is still under development, which is why strict social isolation measures are so important. Isolation, combined with proper hand washing and improved hygiene practices, will provide scientists with valuable time to come up with treatments that can kill new coronaviruses and speed up recovery of infected patients. Others will continue to advance on ongoing vaccine programs, the only treatment that could prevent future coronavirus reinfections and outbreaks. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting a large-scale trial of four separate drugs that have shown promising results in more limited tests.

Moderna says new crown vaccine could be available to health care providers this fall

WHO is also working with scientists to develop at least 20 new coronavaccines, one of which has been tested in the United States. U.S. biotech company Moderna says it may offer new crown vaccines to health care providers and some other professionals this fall.

The proposed vaccine (mRNA-1273), produced by Moderna, has been tested on 45 volunteers in Seattle for more than a week. This is an impressive advance for vaccines, but that doesn’t mean the actual release of COVID-19 therapy will be faster than next year. Vaccine trials are designed to ensure that the vaccine does not have any adverse side effects. Even if the vaccine has been fast tracked so far, it could take 12 to 18 months to approve a generic vaccine.

However, according to the company’s regulatory filings, Moderna’s chief executive, Stephan Bancel, told Goldman Sachs on Friday that the mRNA-1273 drug could be available to first responders by the fall. “While commercially available vaccines may be available for at least 12 to 18 months, it is possible that emergency use in the fall vaccine could be available to some people, including health care professionals,” Mr Bansell said. “

Bansel added that the company is “expanding its production capacity to produce millions of doses per month in the form of a possible single or multi-dose bottle.” “The company’s ability to produce millions of doses per month depends on the expansion and further expansion of the company’s existing manufacturing infrastructure investments,” the company added in the filing. “