YouTube to limit video clarity worldwide for a month

Starting Tuesday, YouTube will reduce the clarity of videos around the world in a decision to ease Internet congestion during the outbreak of the new corona virus,media reported. In the next few days, the company says, users will find that the default definition will turn to SD sepsis when you-tube videos start playing. If users want to watch HD video, they can still improve video clarity by manually choosing.

YouTube to limit video clarity worldwide for a month

Google’s YouTube, which is owned by Alphabet, for example, has previously developed the policy in Europe, and this time it has expanded it globally. Earlier, European regulators have asked major streaming video companies, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, to reduce their bandwidth usage, in addition to YouTube.

The use of streaming services has soared in the past few weeks as hundreds of millions of people have stayed at home to escape the outbreak. The company says that while YouTube usage will increase significantly after the evening, it will maintain a high level for most of the day.

Streaming video consumes more Internet bandwidth than services such as music, messaging, or maps, because of the larger volume of files being transferred. Last year, Google was the world’s most consumed company, behind Netflix, according to research by Sandvine, a web analytics firm. Sandvine said last week that YouTube traffic has recently risen again.

YouTube has previously introduced a feature that automatically adjusts the clarity of a video based on the speed of a user’s network connection. YouTube says it doesn’t think the world’s Internet bandwidth will be consumed in a short period of time, but it will take the initiative because of growing government-level concerns.

“We will continue to work closely with governments and network providers around the world to do our part to minimize the pressure on our systems in this unprecedented situation,” Google said in a statement. “