Supply chain news: Apple AR smart glasses expected to arrive in 2022

The legendary Apple Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are in development and are expected to meet in 2022, DigiTimes quoted industry sources as saying. Reported that Taiwan’s supply chain has confirmed this, optical components manufacturers are under development. In November, The Information reported in a report that Apple was developing two headsets.

Supply chain news: Apple AR smart glasses expected to arrive in 2022

(Infographic: Google Glass)

In addition to the AR/VR headset, which will be released in 2022, there is a “full-featured” AR glasses scheduled for release in 2023. Bloomberg confirmed the plans, and Mark Gurman says it could come as soon as 2021.

The news says Apple’s first smart glasses are similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest, but are more stylish in appearance, using a lot of fabric and lightweight materials to make the device comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The wearable device is expected to feature a high-resolution display that allows users to read smaller text and see others standing in front or behind virtual objects. In terms of software ecology, the company may contact third-party developers in 2021.

We wanted the product to be “all-day”, which might make it look more like high-end sunglasses with a thick border and battery, but the final design could still change.

Early reports said Apple planned to release AR smart glasses in 2020, but it has apparently been delayed.